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Wenn man Musik von bekannte Künstlern sucht weiß man wie man sie findet. Zum Beispiel über Aber dort werden hauptsächlich Künstler die bei großen Plattenlabel sind finden.

Bei Stumble Audio findest du die Musik von unsigned Künstlern oder Künstler die bei kleinen Platten Label sind.

Du kannst die Künstler supporten indem du sie bewertest. Ausserdem kann man über die innovative „I Like“ Suchfunktion die richtige Musik für sich finden.

Macht Spaß und ist einge gute Idee!

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Über Stumble Audio von Stumble Audio

StumbleAudio is a social music discovery site with a mission is to help you find music by new and exciting artists that you would like, rather than play or sell you the hits by known artists that you are “expected” to love.

Our catalog has over 2,000,000 tracks by over 120,000 artists ready to be played in full length, high quality, free of charge.

StumbleAudio started to build its recommendation engine by importing massive anonymous data of saved favorites, music preferences and buying patterns from several online download and actual music CD stores. As you use StumbleAudio the system learns from your “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” and constantly adjusts the music offered to your liking.

We are committed to making our recommendation engine more accurate and relevant as we collect more real use data. We will also soon have various social network applications and widgets to share you music discoveries with your friends on Facebook, MySpace, Blogger and others.

P.S. And, yes, artists do get paid when their songs are played on StumbleAudio.

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